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 Pest control in Surrey and South London

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With over three decades of experience in pest control in Surrey, Noel's Pest Control is your go-to for pest and animal control for your domestic property.

We specialise in offering a professional, affordable and same-day service for our customers across Surrey and South London.

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Our range of pest control services in Surrey are not limited to what you see below, we can deal with all pest issues you may be experiencing at your home – simply call us for more information.


Pest control in Surrey and South London

Fox Control

Foxes are a common nuisance in the urban environment. Regularly getting into rubbish bins and posing as a threat to livestock and pets, the urban fox is a scavenger. The trouble is that a lot of people see a romanticised version of the fox and leave food out for them, encouraging them to enter neighbourhoods.

At Noel's Pest Control, we use specially licensed small gauge rifles fitted with silencers and night vision scope.  This allows us to humanely and quietly deal with your fox.

You can find out more about our fox control service at

Rodent Control

Rats and mice are present in both rural and urban areas - attracted where this an abundance of food. They can a danger when they start to nest inside homes and have been known to gnaw on electrical wiring.

We specialise at capturing and dispatching rodents in homes and have years of experience dealing with them.

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 Squirrel Control

Squirrels can get into your loft or attic and be incredibly destructive. They are very active at night and can be distressing for your family and pets. There a plenty of DIY kits out there to catch squirrels inside your property, but your best bet is to call in a professional who will dispatch of the squirrel quickly and efficiently.

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Mole Control

Moles require professional pest control and are very hard to get rid of on your own.

They are very destructive to residential gardens and farm land, creating many large mounds that can be damaging to the foundations of your property by causing the ground to become unstable.


Wasps Nests Destroyed

Here at Noel's Pest Control, we also specialise in safely destroying Wasps nests in Surrey. We will come to your domestic property and remove the Wasp nest carefully.

Wasps are a nuisance for many, but can be a real threat to someone with an allergy. It is not advised that you attempt to remove the nest yourself and should always rely on a professional.


Insect Removal

Insect infestations in your home are unsightly and unhygienic. An infestation of insects can come in many forms - from ants to bedbugs, to moths and even fly larvae and maggots.

Finding the cause of the infestation is always our priority. From there we would remove the nest from your property.


Rabbit Removal

Rabbits can reproduce very quickly, and the longer you leave them, the more you are going to be dealing with. 

Rabbits will turf up gardens and eat vegetable crops. They can be very destructive and can be hard to deter. 

Speak to us about our professional rabbit removal service today.


Bird Removal

Birds can nest inside attics and lofts, and other areas of your domestic property, causing significant damage and leave the site in an unhygienic mess.

We specialise in removing bird pests from your property safely, ensuring that your home is left secure and undamaged.



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